Für die Wissenschaft. Für Berlin.

We expect a concise outline of your/your team's achievements on the project you/your team have/has been awarded for.


Please provide:

  • a short summary

  • an introduction describing shortly the aims of the proposal and the main plan

  • a brief overview on the already completed as well as on the scheduled work

  • information on any outcomes directly or indirectly influencing research quality

  • information on planned, submitted and/ or accepted publications, presentations and/or media coverage of the project or related activities

  • explanations for potential improvements of and/or deviations from the originally submitted proposal

  • if applicable, new projects that developed out of or build on the initially awarded one

  • a rough estimate on when you /your team expects to finish the project

  • a lay summary or 'blurb' to explain to a wider non-specialist audience the impact of the work – what is going to change (especially in relation to research quality)? (500 characters max), this summary might be published on the website of the Einstein Foundation Berlin

Please feel free to include figures, graphs, charts, etc. as appropriate to illustrate the progress.The report should include not more than four pages.