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2021 Einstein Foundation Award Presentation

2021 Einstein Foundation Award
for Promoting Quality in Research

7 pm - 8 pm CET, moderated by Monika Seynsche

Martin Rennert
Chair, Einstein Foundation Berlin

Video Address
Magdalena Skipper
Editor-in-Chief, Nature

Video Address
Melinda French Gates
Co-Chair and Trustee, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

Dorothy Bishop
Jury Vice-President, University of Oxford
Dieter Imboden
Jury President, ETH Zurich

Early Career Researcher Award

Institutional Award

Individual Award

Funded by the Damp Stiftung and the State of Berlin, this annual award honors researchers, institutions, and early career researchers from around the globe who have made a significant contribution to advancing the quality and robustness of research findings. Nature Portfolio has supported our international call for entries and helped to establish the award, while the QUEST Center of the Berlin Institute of Health and the Max Planck Foundation are supporting its implementation. 

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