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The Einstein Foundation Award
for Promoting Quality in Research


The Einstein Foundation Council has convened an outstanding group of scholars, representing the natural sciences, the humanities, and the social sciences, to select the award winners. The jury is presided over by Dieter Imboden. It defines the objectives of the award as well as selects the awardees. Dorothy Bishop serves as Vice President. Jury members are appointed for a three-year term.


Please find the respective Jury Rules of Procedure here.




Photos: Bishop: Dorothy Bishop // Buchan: Alastair Buchan // Cosnard: Michel Cosnard // Daston: Johan Wahlgren // Halbertal: Tzahy Lerner // Imboden: SNF // Lavinas: Marc Boilleau // Maxton: The Royal Society // McNutt: Chris Michel // Miguel: University of California, Berkeley // Roth: Bengt Nyman // Styles: Nanyang Technological University, Singapore // Zöllner: Gabriele Bärtels