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Einstein meets Einstein

The talk will be conducted in German.

September 16th 2015, 5 pm
Café Einstein Unter den Linden, Unter den Linden 42, 10117 Berlin

Cell-Conversation: Berlin - Stanford and back

Nobel price winner and Einstein BIH Visiting Fellow Thomas Südhof will be talking at the Café Einstein Unter den Linden

Every millisecond billions of little bubbles in our bodies manage to be in the right spot at the right time. Walking, seeing, speaking and remembering - all this is only possible, because our nerve cells are constantly communicating with each other. Thanks to Prof Thomas Südhof we are able to understand better today, how our nerve cells accomplish this outstanding performance. For his research results, neuroscientist and Einstein BIH Visiting Fellow Thomas Südhof received the nobel price for medicine in 2013.

The conversation will take place in the renowned Café Einstein on Berlin's most prominent boulevard Unter den Linden. In this unique coffeehouse setting we will learn from Südhof, how our cells communicate, what unites and separates Berlin and Stanford and what it means to be a "Grenzgänger". And, of course Südhof will comment on how it feels to be rewarded with a price that Albert Einstein had also once obtained. 

Gerald Uhlig-Romero, founder and owner of the Café Einstein Unter den Linden, and Dr. Marion Müller, Managing Director of the Einstein Foundation Berlin, will lead the conversation. 

Thomas Südhof

With Thomas Südhof, the Einstein Foundation and the Stiftung Charité/BIH are proud to welcome the first nobel price winners among their awardees.The neuroscientist received the award for the discovery of transport processes in cells.

As Einstein BIH Visiting Fellow he carries out part of his research in Berlin and thus stretches the scientific ties between Berlin and Stanford.

Einstein BIH Visiting Fellowship

The Einstein BIH-Visiting Fellows program is a collaborative effort by Stiftung Charité and Einstein Foundation Berlin. The target group consists of international top-level scientists who complement excellent fields within the Berlin Institute of Health (BIH) with their special expertise. 

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above: Café Einstein Unter den Linden
bottom: Thomas Südhof