For Research. For Berlin.

Meeting Einstein


What do a museum, a supermarket, a market hall, a church, a car vendor's showroom have in common? They serve as perfect settings for the Einstein Foundation's event series "Meeting Einstein". The motto of the series is: Science in and for the city. It invites the Berlin public to meet extraordinary scientists and researchers in extraordinary places. There is always a link between the places and the thematic foci of the events. Top-level thinkers present their projects and findings in a way that shows that science is fun, exciting and of immediate relevance for society.


Making science tangible

The range of topics is as diverse as the brilliant researchers whom the Foundation supports. They span the range from Diophantine mathematics to ecabs to American TV series to innovative regenerative therapies. The scientists' task in the event series is to present aspects of their work to a broader community outside university walls. And the special venues we choose help to bring science to life in a new and sometimes unusal context.

"Meeting Einstein" reminds scientists and scholars that their role expands outside the university walls; it gives the Berlin public an opportunity to meet great minds and hear them discuss their projects and their views on Berlin as a city of science and research. And, last but not least, the series hopes to promote science and research as a public good worthy of public and private funding.

The events are free, open and targeted to the public. We would be delighted to welcome you to one of our future events.