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Congratulations, Gitta Kutyniok!

The Einstein Foundation warmly congratulates Einstein Professor Gitta Kutyniok to her new membership in the Berlin-Brandenburg Academy of Sciences and Humanities.

On the Leibniz Day on June 11th 2016 Einstein Professor for Mathematics Gitta Kutyniok was officially appointed to be a member of the Berlin-Brandenburg Academy of Sciences and Humanities. The Einstein Foundation warmly congratulates her to the admission in the class of mathematics and natural sciences. Below you find a brief interview with her.

Did you celebrate the moment you learned about your membership in the Academy? Whom did you tell about it first?

The first people I told about it were my parents, to whom I owe very much, as well as my closest friends among my colleagues. With the latter I celebrated over a fantastic dinner.

What does this membership mean to you personally and how do you think is it going to influence your scientific career?

I am very happy about my election and admission to the Academy and it is a great honour for me. Therefore the moment I was told about my membership was very special to me. With regard to my scientific career I see the membership as a highly interesting chance to establish new contacts on an interdisciplinary level. From the discussions evolving from here I also expect to receive new input for my own research activities.

What are your expectations with regard to the future cooperation between you and the Academy? Are there any topics or areas that the Academy in your view should put a focus on more strongly?

I really hope and wish that I will be able to engage myself strongly in the many fascinating interdisciplinary research intitiatives. Since a main part of my research activity focuses on mathematical data processing in the broadest sense - particularly acquistion, analysis and compression - I would very much like to bring this into the Academy work. I believe that those topics are essential for almost any branches of science in today's data age. Therefore I would welcome an even stronger emphasis on this important field within the portfolio of the Academy.


Credits: Pablo Castagnola