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Einstein Questionnaire

Florian Sennlaub

What do you do first thing in the morning when you arrive at your workplace, and why?
One of the reasons I like being a researcher best is that there is no routine. Every day is different and there really is no one thing that I would always do after arriving at work. It can be discussions with my collaborators, writing, experiments... one day never resembles another.

Is there a place in Berlin that links to the work on your research project?

It clearly is the Virchow Hospital I associate most with our research project. I used to work as an “ARZT im Praktikum“ at the hospital back in 1996/97. It is amusing to rediscover the same building under a research angle this time.

What characteristics distinguish researchers from other people?
I guess many people are passionate about what they do, but I think researchers are often particularly amorous about their work. We are a very privileged lot of people who are allowed to spend their days doing what they love...

(March 2015)