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Einstein Questionnaire

Gunter Schubert

Gunter Schubert is Professor of China Studies at the University of Tübingen. As an Einstein Visiting Fellow at the Graduate School of East Asian Studies (GEAS) Gunter Schubert conducts research on Chinese migration politics. Thereby, Schubert and his team address the question what kind of connection is made by China between global migration and anti-terrorism.

Can you please spontaneously name three things that you associate with the name of Albert Einstein?
Charisma, a view into infinity and humour!

Imagine you had free one wish, the fulfillment of which would result in the successful outcome of your research project. What would it be?
All the scientists I speak to about gaining their support and participation to burst into raptures and change their order of preferences in favour of my project!

What in your opinion are mankind's three greatest inventions?
Jeans – Concrete - The smartphone!

Who or what inspires you at work?
The sun!

What characteristics in your opinion distinguish researchers from other people?
They always question; they believe in the power of truth; there's no weekend in their week.

What prejudice against scientists is in your opinion true and why?
Scientists are "rather strange".


June 2017