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#AskDifferent – the Podcast of the Einstein Foundation

#AskDifferent – the Podcast of the Einstein Foundation
#AskDifferent, the Einstein Foundation’s podcast series, offers a unique behind-the-scenes opportunity to learn more about the pioneering minds affiliated with and funded by the Foundation, and to find out how their outstanding careers were shaped both by chance and circumstance. What is it that drives them to ask differently, to perpetually ask new questions, and explore the world in all its detail?

#8: Markus Ralser

The Inner Power Station

Einstein professor Markus Ralser is a molecular biologist and an expert in metabolic research: An important basic research that after being increasingly moved into the background of genetic research in the 1980s, is now experiencing a renaissance. Understanding metabolic regulation processes provides crucial insights for future therapies, such as cancer and immune diseases. Ralser gives an insight into how today machine learning contributes to understanding metabolism, and why you sleep better after n exhausting canoe tour. Language: German