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#AskDifferent – the Podcast of the Einstein Foundation

#AskDifferent – the Podcast of the Einstein Foundation
#AskDifferent, the Einstein Foundation’s podcast series, offers a unique behind-the-scenes opportunity to learn more about the pioneering minds affiliated with and funded by the Foundation, and to find out how their outstanding careers were shaped both by chance and circumstance. What is it that drives them to ask differently, to perpetually ask new questions, and explore the world in all its detail?

#5: Claudia Buß

Stress in Early Life

The effects of maternal stress on fetal development are poorly researched. Claudia Buß, Professor of Medical Psychology at Charité – Universitätsmedizin and the Einstein Center for Neurosciences, is determined to change this and has set out to explore the prenatal factors that determine women’s health during pregnancy.
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