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#AskDifferent, the Einstein Foundation’s podcast series, offers a unique behind-the-scenes opportunity to learn more about the pioneering minds affiliated with and funded by the Foundation, and to find out how their outstanding careers were shaped both by chance and circumstance. What is it that drives them to ask differently, to perpetually ask new questions, and explore the world in all its detail?

What links community gardens in Berlin with sustainable reconstruction in Ukraine?

AskDifferent #33 – Olena Kononenko left her native Ukraine to work in Berlin at Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, where she is a fellow in the Einstein Foundation’s Academic Freedom Program. As an expert in economic and social geography, she is interested in how cities are reconstructed in the aftermath of disasters such as wars. In this episode of our podcast, she speaks about the power of urban gardening, her vision for postwar Ukraine, and why it is never too early to start rebuilding, even under the most challenging circumstances. A crisis, she believes, is always the best opportunity to start something new.

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