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Einstein BIH Visiting Fellow


The target group consists in particular of scientists who complement excellent fields of the BIH with special expertise. The Einstein BIH Visiting Fellow is not the classical visiting scientist staying at the BIH for one semester. Rather, in the long term, the Fellows are to become part of the BIH, but also of Berlin science as a whole.


The Einstein BIH Visiting Fellow is expected to establish a working group at the BIH in coordination with his or her hosts and be available to them and the junior scientists several times (at least 3 times per year lasting several weeks each or once per year for a five-month period) in the context of a work stay in Berlin . During this period, he or she also works on joint research projects with Berlin colleagues and conducts events in coordination with the host institution.

The ”Einstein BIH Visiting Fellows” program is a collaborative effort by Stiftung Charité and Einstein Foundation Berlin, enabled by the Private Excellence Initiative Johanna Quandt. The Einstein Foundation coordinates the entire review process and ensures the scientific quality of the program due to a proven multi-stage procedure.


Directors of an institution (institute, clinic, research center, Forschungsschwerpunkt) at the BIH, thus the Charité - Universitätsmedizin Berlin, as well as the scientific directorate at the Max Delbrück Center for Molecular Medicine (MDC) are entitled to apply.


Sponsoring comprises funds of up to 150,000 EUR per year. Funds are to be used to establish a working group at the BIH, if necessary including funding a postdoc who is located in Berlin and can take up leadership tasks in the working group. In addition, the following can be funded: a reasonable expense allowance for the Einstein BIH Visiting Fellows in accordance with the rules of the host institution (oriented on the qualification and the guest’s status in his or her home country) and consumables and equipment of a volume considered necessary by the Einstein BIH Visiting Fellow for his or her research project.


Funding is provided for a period of three years. At the end of this period, an application for two further years may be submitted (see VI.). The respective scientist or scholar will hold the title of "Einstein BIH Visiting Fellow".


For the moment applications can no longer be submitted. 


Please note that current Einstein BIH Visiting Fellows cannot apply for an extension. However, it is possible to apply for a two-year extension through the regular Einstein Visiting Fellow programme. Alternately, it is possible to apply for follow-up funding via the Stiftung Charité.


The respective host institution at the BIH provides the spatial and infrastructural prerequisites.
There are no contractual relationships between Stiftung Charité or Einstein Foundation Berlin and the Einstein BIH Visiting Fellow. All necessary agreements are to be reached directly between the BIH or the Charité or the MDC and the Einstein BIH Visiting Fellow.