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Einstein Research Fellow


The programme is designed to enable highly qualified, top-level researchers to conduct research for up to two years at a non-university research institute. These institutes should mainly be based in Berlin, but a host institute outside of Berlin that already has a close relationship with Berlin research institutes may also be selected.


The goal is to strengthen medium- and long-term cooperation between the university and the institute hosting the researcher. Whilst conducting independent research at an institute, the researcher will be given leave of absence by his or her university. Junior researchers who are qualified to hold professorships will have the chance to substitute for these professors, thereby driving their own professional profile in Berlin.


Tenured professors at the four Berlin universities (FU, HU, TU, UdK) and Charité, who are eligible to take a research sabbatical, may apply. Please note that the Einstein Foundation cannot cover the costs of providing replacements during regular state sabbaticals.


For the duration of his or her stay at the host institution, the visiting researcher will be awarded the title of "Einstein Research Fellow."

Support may be granted in the form of

  • funding to enable a junior researcher who is qualified to hold a professorship to serve as a temporary replacement for a W2/C3 or W3/C4 professor

  • funding for staff and material resources (up to € 6,000 for approx. six months) for the junior researcher to prepare his or her own grant application

The Einstein Foundation cannot provide funding for the Einstein Research Fellow's work at the non-university research institute.


The maximum funding period is two years.


Applicants are required to use the application forms provided by the Einstein Foundation. Applications may be submitted in any discipline by the dates posted on the Foundation’s website.


Applicants must be professors at one of the respective institutions. Applications should be accompanied by a statement from the head of the university or Charité. If individual host institutions have internal deadlines for applications to the Einstein Foundation, applicants should liaise with the contact person at their institution (a list is included below) well in advance.

Apart from the overarching criterion of academic excellence, the project’s importance for Berlin as a centre of research excellence plays a crucial role in the evaluation of all applications.

Please note that applications must be submitted in English.


The approved funds may only be drawn through the universities or Charité in accordance with the regulations on third-party funding. These institutions will also become the employers of the individuals who receive support from the Einstein Foundation Berlin.