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Einstein Research Project


Einstein Research Projects support excellent scientific and creative projects in Berlin that meet the highest international standards and are high-risk in the most positive sense of the word. The programme offers funding for projects that are innovative in the context of the Berlin scientific community, and that are supported by several institutions in the city.


Only professors at the five eligible institutions (Charité, FU, HU, TU, UdK) are entitled to submit individual or joint applications to the Einstein Foundation Berlin. One or more of these institutions or one of these institutions and at least one collaborative partner (in accordance with the funding statutes) must support the research project. The application must make clear that funding by another funding organization like the DFG is not feasible.

The applications may also be submitted together with other publicly financed research institutions in Berlin, as well as with the Hebrew University.


Funding will be provided for personnel and material resources. Individual grants may be awarded if there are several applicants. Participants in Einstein Research Projects who are not employed by one of the eligible institutions will receive the funding through the applicants’ institutions.
The Einstein Foundation must be represented in the title of the funded research project.


The maximum funding period is three years.


Applicants are required to use the application forms provided by the Einstein Foundation. Applications may be submitted in any discipline by the dates posted on the Foundation’s website. If individual host institutions have internal deadlines for applications to the Einstein Foundation, applicants should liaise with the contact person at their institution well in advance.


Apart from the overarching criterion of academic excellence, the project’s importance for Berlin as a centre of research excellence plays a crucial role in the evaluation of all applications. The endorsement by the management of the eligible institution enclosed with the application should therefore include a paragraph on the impact the project is expected to have on strategic profile building. 

Please note that applications must be submitted in English.


The approved funds may only be drawn through the universities or Charité in accordance with the regulations on third-party funding. No less than 50 % of the requested grants must be drawn by the eligible institution.  These institutions will also become the employers of the individuals who receive support from the Einstein Foundation Berlin. If a partner institution is involved in the project, the funding recipient will forward the funds allocated to this institution on a pro rata temporis basis.

The individuals remunerated from these funds will be employed by the partner institution.