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Once funding has been approved, the host institution(s) is/are responsible for carrying out the appointment procedure through to making an offer (e.g. by means of a direct appointment, without advertising the post) or the recruitment procedure. They put in place the necessary measures to make the provisional offer and carry out the appointment negotiations and/or sign the contract in the case of a non-university institution. As a rule, the professorship or executive position should be filled nine months – and no later than twelve months – after funding has been approved (i.e. after an authorization letter is issued). 


Acceptance of funding entails a commitment to comply with the rules of good scientific practice. 


Where funding is approved, the Einstein Foundation is entitled to publish a press release and information about the candidate. After the first funding instalment has been received, an interim report must be submitted, providing information about the institution and the work of the professorship and how the funds are spent. The annual interim report always covers the past budget/calendar year (the exact dates can be found in the cooperation agreement [Weiterleitungsvertrag]). A final report must be submitted no later than six months after the end of the funding period. The Einstein Foundation allows private donors to inspect the files. 


It is expected that the Einstein Foundation and the title "Einstein Strategic Professor" will appear in the acknowledgements section of publications, presentations, etc. that are produced in the context of the Einstein Foundation’s funding program. 


The deadlines set out in the transfer agreement for producing progress reports and providing evidence of use of funds must be respected.