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Perspectives on Identity: Our Aesthetic, Moral, and Social Self

Colloquium of the “Consciousness, Emotions, Values” group of the Einstein Visiting Fellow Jesse Prinz with talks by Jesse Prinz, Katharina Helming and Joerg Fingerhut.

Symposium on Trans/Feminist Hacking

Trans/Feminist Hacking is a hybrid, nomadic and ever-changing practice embodied through diverse communities. If you want to find out more come and join the symposium of the Einstein Center Digital Future (in English language).

Conference on Normative Powers

The Einstein Ethics Group, led by philosopher and Einstein Visiting Fellow R. Jay Wallace, organises a conference on normative powers. More information will follow soon.

Literary Workshop on Encryption, Algorithm and Circulation

The Philological Laboratory at the Friedrich Schlegel Graduate School of Literary Studies invites you to join a workshop on "Encryption, Algorithm and Circulation" with the British writer Tom McCarthy.

Closing conference of the Einstein Research Project "Autonomy + Functionalization of the Arts"

As concepts of artistic production and theorizing that are often contrarily conceived, autonomy and functionalization are again being discussed for contemporary art practice.

Rights and Equality in Contemporary Turkey

We cordially invite you to join the final conference of the programme „Blickwechsel: Contemporary Turkey Studies“ which is supported by the Einstein Foundation as part of the programme fostering Academic Freedom. 

Nobel Prize Dialogue with Einstein Visiting Fellow Edvard Moser

Meet neuroscientist and Einstein BIH Visiting Fellow Edvard Moser at the Nobel Prize Dialogue in Berlin. He will talk about "Mental Health, Cognition and Ageing". The event takes place within the Berlin Science Week.

Academics in Solidarity Network Conference

The conference, titled “Regaining Lost Knowledge – Connecting Research at Home and in Exile”, will signify the launch of a new stage of “Academics in Solidarity” (AiS) as a transnational peer-mentoring program for at-risk and exiled researchers, funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF).

Einstein Lecture Dahlem

We invite you to join this year's "Einstein Lecture Dahlem" with astrophysicist Catherine Heymans at Freie Universität Berlin. The lecture series is dedicated to the epochal work of Albert Einstein, who was the director of the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute of Physics for almost two decades.

Berlin Science Week

Berlin Science Week is an international gathering, bringing together people from the world's most innovative scientific institutions in Berlin. It is dedicated to the dialogue between science and society to inspire a deeper understanding of our world.

Rethinking a Lifetime

The Einstein Center Chronoi invites you to join the workshop "Rethinking a Lifetime: Perspectives from Antiquity until Present", organised by Irene Sibbing-Plantholt from Freie Universität Berlin.

Comics Put to Practice

What is "graphic medicine"? Learn all about it at the PathoGraphics workshop of Friedrich Schlegel Graduate School of Literary Studies with Einstein Visiting Fellow Susan Merrill Squier at Freie Universität Berlin.

China and Japan Redefining Spatial Order in (East)Asia

How do China and Japan define the political space of East Asia and how do they relate to it? Find it out by joining the conference workshop of the Graduate School of East Asian Studies with Einstein Visiting Fellows Gunter Schubert and Richard Samuels.

Machine Learning in Life Sciences

Talk by Prof. Frederick Klauschen on "Machine-learning applications in biomedicine: from basic research to clinical application".

Flucht und Trauma @ 19. Internationales Literaturfestival Berlin

»The Shell« by Mustafa Khalifa is about a young Syrian who is imprisoned at the airport in Damascus. Only after thirteen years does he escape torture and solitary confinement. Khalifa speaks with the writer Yassin Al Haj Saleh and with Prof. Dr. Ulrike Kluge, professor for psychological and medical integration and migration research at the Charité in Berlin, about his »differentiated, detailed, and sometimes difficult to endure report« [NZZ] and the psychological effects of escape and imprisonment. In Cooperation with the NeuroCure Cluster of Excellence and the Einstein Center for Neurosciences Berlin.

Architecture and the Ancient Economy

The conference will discuss newest results on research on the ancient economy. The economic impact of construction processes, of the uptake of technological innovations, of architectural design and urban planning are some of the aspects that have recently been investigated more systematically and comprehensively and will be examined during the conference.

Post-WWI Exiles in Transregional Context

This workshop aims to explore the population movements during and after WWI from within the conceptual framework of exile. It is supported by the Einstein Foundation as part of the programme to foster academic freedom. 

The Sound of Silence

We invite you to join a lecture on "Mechanisms of auditory perception and dysfunction" by Einstein BIH Visiting Fellow Ulrich Müller at the Max Delbrück Center for Molecular Medicine. 

Conference with Felipe Cucker

Conference on "Complexity of numerical computation" in honor of Einstein Visiting Fellow Felipe Cucker's 60th birthday takes place at the Einstein Saal at the Berlin-Brandenburg Academy of Sciences and Humanties.

Thematic Einstein Semester

Algebraic Geometry, Varieties, Polyhedra and Computation do sound familiar? Then come along and join the opening conference of the Thematic Einstein Semester with Einstein Professor Michael Joswig. 

New Dimensions in Catalysis

The Einstein Center of Catalysis cordially invites you to join the official opening of "UniSysCat", Cluster of Excellence, at the Audimax of Technische Universität Berlin. 

EDGE Neuroscience Art

The Einstein Center for Neurosciences Berlin invites you to get to know Neuroscience in the light of the Arts. Come and see the spectacular multimedia artwork of sci-artists at Charité CrossOver.

Einstein Workshop on Academic Freedom

Save the date: for the first Einstein Workshop in the programme "Academic Freedom" at Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin. More information soon!

Science Slam of Einstein Centers

Science Slam – Science Rocks! The Berlin Science Week starts with a science slam, organised by the Einstein Center of Neurosciences. Scientists try everything to entertain their audience, regardless of wether the subject is mathematics or neurosciences. The event, which takes place at Roadrunners Paradise, will be followed by an aftershow party. 

Chronoi Talks

Join the Chronoi Talks with Menahem Ben Sasson, Chancellor of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and Fellow at the Einstein Center Chronoi.

Latin Colloquium

The Einstein Center Chronoi invites you to join a discussion in German with Chronoi Visiting Fellow Jürgen Paul Schwindt on his text "Das athematische Lesen".

Open Days of the Berlin University of the Arts

It is a firmly established event Berlin's cultural summer: at the end of the academic year Germany's largest art university opens its workshops, studios and rehearsal rooms for the public thus creating an opportunity to get in contact with our young artists and their work.

Book Launch with Richard Samuels

We invite you to join the book launch of Einstein Visiting Fellow Richard Samuels' new book "Special Duty – A History of Japan's Intelligence Community" at the German-Japanese Center Berlin.

Thematic Einstein Semester - Final Workshop

Join the final workshop of the "Thematic Einstein Semester" on Network Games, Tropical Geometry and Quantum Communication, organised by MATH+, Cluster of Excellence.

ECRT Pitch Event

We invite you to join the "ECRT Pitch Event" organised by the Einstein Center for Regenerative Therapies. Early career scientists, applying for an ECRT Research Grant will present their research proposals. 

Architecture and the Ancient Economy (workshop)

The Berlin Graduate School for Ancient studies calls for papers for the graduate workshop "Architecture and the Ancient Economy. Discussion of new approaches and methods" which takes place at Freie Universität Berlin.

Soapbox Science 2019 Berlin

The Einstein Center for Neurosciences invites you to the next Soapbox Science event. On that day, the Alexanderplatz will transform into a hub of scientific learning and discussion, raising the profile of women and non-binary people in science.

Open Innovation Science Award

Dear neuroscientists: Applications for the Open Innovation Science Award of the Einstein Center for Neurosciences Berlin can be submitted until today.

Conference "Right and Citizenship"

The conference at FU Berlin will investigate the relation between citizenship and rights with the aim of discovering new ways of thinking in approaching humanitarian issues.

We, the City

Who are we, the city? Join the conference on plurality and resistance in Berlin and Istanbul which is supported by the Einstein Foundation as part of the programme "Academic Freedom"

Structuralism in Consciousness Studies

The Berlin School of Mind and Brain invites you to an international conference on structuralism in consciousness studies at Humboldt-Universität Berlin. Researchers from philosophy, cognitive science and neuroscience will jointly discuss the prospects of structural models of consciousness.

I, Scientist Conference

Invitation to the conference for young scientists on gender, career paths and networking at Technische Universität Berlin. Register until 5th August, 2019.

Einstein Ethics Group Workshop "Agency and Norms"

This workshop with Einstein Visiting Fellow R. Jay Wallace will address fundamental questions regarding the connections between agency, norms and practices of moral responsibility.

Euro STEM Peers 2019

Invitation to the world's largest STEM community event with keynotes, plenary sessions and panel discussions at Charité CrossOver Auditorium, sponsored i.a. by the Einstein Center for Neurosciences.

Lecture with Einstein Visiting Fellow Jesse Prinz

"Beyond Innateness and Construction: A Performative Theory of Emotion” - Lecture with Jesse Prinz and Gen Eickers at Berlin School of Mind and Brain.

Charité BIH Entrepreneurship Summit 2019

The summit at the Berlin-Brandenburg Academy of Sciences and Humanities expects over 400 experts in medical innovation to discuss global challenges and pioneering technologies in healthcare.

Lecture with Einstein BIH Visiting Fellow John P. A. Ioannidis

On the occasion of the opening of the Meta-Research Innovation Center Berlin we invite you to a lecture with Einstein BIH Visiting Fellow, and Director of METRIC-Berlin, John P. A. Ioannidis on "Scientific evidence: reproducible and useful" at the BIH QUEST Center. 

Brown Bag Lunch with Einstein Visiting Fellow Richard J. Samuels

We invite you to a discussion on the topic "Japan’s New National Defense Program Guidelines: Reaching for the Spear?" led by Richard J. Samuels,  Einstein Visiting Fellow at the East Asian Graduate School

1st Immunology & Inflammation Conference

The conference at the Max Delbrück Center for Molecular Medicine aims to serve as an international and interactive platform for exchange on the latest ground-breaking discoveries in the field.

Talk Series at UdK Berlin with Vittorio Gallese

We invite you to the Talk Series of UdK Berlin, this time with Vittorio Gallese of Berlin School of Mind and Brain on "Inhabitating parallel worlds: mirror neurons, the brain and the body"

Lecture "The Theban Revolts in their Social and Climatic Context"

The lecture in collaboration with the Einstein Center Chronoi highlights the speaker’s ongoing collaborative work that seeks to understand the societal impacts of explosive volcanism on the Nile watershed.

International Conference "Poetic Critique"

International conference "Poetic Critique" of Friedrich Schlegel Graduate School of Literary Studies (Freie Universität Berlin) at Indiana University Europe Gateway in Berlin.

Lecture with Einstein BIH Visiting Fellow Thomas Südhof

We invite you to a lecture with Nobel Laureate and Einstein BIH Visiting Fellow Thomas Südhof on "Adhesion GPCRs in synapse formation" 

GSNAS Conference 2019

The Graduate School of North American Studies invites you to join the 12th GSNAS Conference on "American Ambiguities" at the John-F.-Kennedy-Institute at Freie Universität Berlin.