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Tuesday Dialogue


The Future of Our Living Together

Tuesday Dialogues for an Einstein Center for Population Diversity in collaboration with Förderfonds Wissenschaft in Berlin


The series of twelve dialogues which take place on one Tuesday a month, are related to the plan to establish an Einstein Center for Population Diversity in Berlin. The Förderfonds Wissenschaft in Berlin supports this important initiative in a forward-looking field of research.


A programme overview of the individual events can be found here.

Einstein Center for Population Diversity - what is it about?

In order to shape people's future opportunities, we need sound knowledge of the complex mechanisms that drive diversity and inequality in a population – at the individual level and in families as well as in the health sector, education or the labour market, in urban as well as rural areas. The planned Einstein Center for Population Diversity is intended to bring together top-level research on this topic for the first time in a joint institution.


The consortium includes a group of internationally renowned scientists working at universities and non-university research institutions in Berlin and Germany. At the European level, the University of Oxford and the network of European research institutes Population Europe are involved in the Einstein Center (an overview of the consortium can be found here). An international guest researcher programme ensures that the Einstein Center remains open to new ideas, especially from other disciplines.


The Einstein Center is to be built in Berlin and will benefit from the city's special wealth of excellent research institutions and data providers. Thematically, however, it is not limited to Berlin: National and international comparison and cooperation with international partners will not only increase our knowledge of the mechanisms of diversity and inequality, but also contribute to the international visibility of Berlin as a centre of science and research.


The private sector will play an important role in the development of the Einstein Center for Population Diversity from the very beginning. After all, the issues to be researched here are of high social relevance and require an intensive exchange with decision-makers from politics, society, business and science. Partners are to be involved not only in the funding but also in the on-going work of the centre.


Quelle: Population Europe



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