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#AskDifferent – der Podcast der Einstein Stiftung

#AskDifferent – der Podcast der Einstein Stiftung
In der Podcast-Reihe #AskDifferent erzählen geförderte und mit der Stiftung verbundene Wissenschaftlerinnen und Wissenschaftler von den kleinen Schritten und großen Zufällen, die zu einer außergewöhnlichen Laufbahn geführt haben. Wir wollen wissen: Was treibt sie an, anders zu fragen, immer weiter zu fragen und unsere Welt bis ins kleinste Detail zu ergründen?

#28: Beate Kampmann

The Global Physician

Recent years have taught us that diseases can easily transcend national borders in today's interconnected world. How can we secure health on a global scale, especially when there are such stark disparities between different regions? Beate Kampmann is one of the leading researchers into childhood tuberculosis and vaccines, and Scientific Director of the Center for Global Health at Charité - Universitätsmedizin. A physician with a wealth of international experience, Kampmann aims to tackle the idea of global health investments as a form of humanitarian aid and change the understanding of this vital field - especially by broadening the perspective of the Global North. In this thought-provoking episode of #askdifferent, Beate Kampmann explores the multifaceted challenges and opportunities for Global Health and offers insights into how to foster progress by stressing the importance of its character as a collaborative networking activity.