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The Einstein Foundation Award
for Promoting Quality in Research

The Einstein Foundation Berlin promotes international cutting-edge research in and for Berlin.
With evidence-based research, reliable standards, and open access to new findings being more important than ever, our activities are focused in particular on advancing the quality of research.

In this spirit, the Einstein Foundation and the BIH Quest Center for Responsible Research launched a new international prize, the “Einstein Foundation Award for Promoting Quality in Research” – the first of its kind worldwide.

“The award is the first to honor efforts to improve research quality. Its aim is to provide global visibility and recognition for those engaging with this challenge. For the Einstein Foundation, the prize is an opportunity to help raise standards, increase the efficiency of research quality evaluations, and strengthen trust in science and research in general,” says Martin Rennert, Chair of the Einstein Foundation’s Executive Board.

The €500,000 prize recognizes outstanding researchers and institutions whose work helps to advance the quality and robustness of research findings – whether they are breaking new ground, using and testing innovative methods, or collecting and sharing their data in novel ways. The winners are selected by an international jury consisting of eminent researchers.

If you want to learn more about the award categories, selection criteria, conditions, and the members of the jury, or get to know past award winners and shortlisted projects, please visit

Ulrich Dirnagl, Award Secretary and Founding Director of the QUEST Center at BIH: “Emerging researchers are fresh, idealistic, and creative. Many of them are driven by a passion to advance open science and improve the credibility, robustness, and transparency of research. Our prize pays tribute to those leading the way and encourages fellow researchers around the globe to adopt similar approaches in their work.”