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Out now: #AskDifferent #2 with Einstein Junior Fellow @HumboldtUni Valentina Forini! Learn why she chose to do research in string and quantum field theory and why she is convinced that we need more female role models in top-notch science.Whole episode ➡️
EC-C is pleased to announce the Summer Chronoi Lecture titled “Mathematik, Informationstechnik und Zeit” with guest speaker Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. mult. Martin Grötschel! View the online presentation here:…
We are looking for 2 PhD candidates to join our ide3a project: - 1 in our Smart Water Networks group: (deadline July 24)- 1 with @ECDF_JochenRabe's group Urban Resi­li­ence and Digit­al­isa­tion: (deadline in 3 days, hurry up!)
Replacing, reducing & refining #animalexperiments: preliminary module of a new #Einstein Center 3R for alternative methods to #animaltesting in biomedical research approved➡️