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Today, 3pm CET online @BerlinUAlliance: panel discussion with the finalists of the Early Career #EinsteinFoundationAward moderated by @suzyjstyles. A follow-up event on the Symposium on Integrity in #Research. #ECR #AcademicTwitter More info (German) ➡️…
The Einstein Foundation Berlin and the members of the jury warmly congratulate Paul Ginsparg on becoming the first-ever recipient of the Individual #EinsteinFoundationAward for Promoting Quality in #Research! 🏆 🎉 🍾
In developing, Paul Ginsparg has laid the foundations for a revolution in scientific #publishing as #preprint servers are now commonly used in many scientific fields. Today, the platform holds over two million scientific articles from various fields.
Paul Ginsparg, founder of the first open access preprint server, receives the €200,000 Individual #EinsteinFoundationAward. The Professor of Physics & Information Science @Cornell pioneered the use of new technologies in automated quality control...⬇️
The Einstein Foundation Berlin and the members of the jury warmly congratulate @OSFramework on receiving the first-ever Institutional #EinsteinFoundationAward! 🏆🎊
More than 350,000 users from the #naturalsciences, #socialsciences, and #lifesciences, among others, utilize the Open Science Framework @OSFramework and highly regard its transparent, accessible, collaborative processing of #researchdata.
The €200,000 Institutional #EinsteinFoundationAward goes to the Center for Open Science @OSFramework in Charlottesville, VA for its promotion to drive change in global research culture by providing scholars the tools and infrastructure to make #openscience the default.
The Einstein Foundation and all jury members wish you fruitful future work and great success in the realization of your project ManyBabies5, @m_zettersten & @JessKosie @Princeton! We're looking forward to witnessing its growth.
The project ManyBabies5 by @m_zettersten & @JessKosie @Princeton is to create an international consortium of infant researchers to increase #diversity amongst developmental researchers + their test subjects.➡️ #EinsteinFoundationAward 2021 #ECR
Not an easy choice – four outstanding projects were shortlisted for the Early Career #EinsteinFoundationAward! Today, the jury decided: a sum of €100,000 to carry out their research project goes to @m_zettersten & @JessKosie! Congratulations! 💐👏🍾
In her address for the #EinsteinFoundationAward​s 2021, @Magda_Skipper Editor in Chief @Nature, advocates #research quality & robustness, and calls for “tools with which good research practice can be transparently communicated.”For more, tune in now ➡️
“Even the proudest researchers would admit they cannot succeed on their own. #Research needs institutional support. It needs funding + space for long-term thinking, collaboration, and bold risk-taking” – @melindagates @gatesfoundation in her #EinsteinFoundationAward statement.
In her opening note to the #EinsteinFoundationAward, @melindagates @gatesfoundation stresses the importance of “stronger methods, greater rigor & more transparency” for scientific breakthroughs in the future. “The award celebrates those who elevate the field of research itself.”
“I am glad to announce the first recipients of the #EinsteinFoundationAward tonight”, says Martin Rennert @Einstein_Berlin. “They personify perfectly the award’s objective: to promote systematic research quality and strengthen public trust in #science and #research.”
Martin Rennert, Chair @Einstein_Berlin, welcomes everyone watching the #EinsteinFoundationAward presentation online. He thanks the Damp Foundation for the donation of the €500K prize money p.a. for a period of 10 years, and the State of Berlin @RegBerlin for additional support.
The online presentation of the first-ever #EinsteinFoundationAward​s in the 3 categories - Individual, Institutional & Early Career - just started. Tune in to the livestream moderated by @MSeynsche to find out about the awardees of 2021! 🍾💐Now at
The finalists of the first Early Career #EinsteinFoundationAward are now presenting their projects at the Symposium on Integrity in #Research @BerlinUAlliance. ➡️…⏰Tune in at 7pm (CET) at to find out who has won in this category. 🥂…In the next session of the @BerlinUAlliance Symposium on #Research Integrity, the #EinsteinFoundationAward Early Career Finalists will present their projects.Find out who has won in the #ECR category ➡️award livestream at 7pm✨
In her talk @BerlinUAlliance, Lorraine Daston, #EinsteinFoundationAward jury member, gave an intro to the history of assessment criteria for 'good science', tracing back the development of standardized #research practices, including negative effects, since (early) modern times.⬇️
Tonight's speakers: Martin Rennert, Chair @Einstein_Berlin, @Magda_Skipper, Editor-in-Chief @Nature, and @melindagates, Co-Chair & Trustee @gatesfoundation.Dorothy Bishop @deevybee @UniofOxford & Dieter Imboden @ETH who head the jury will present the awards in the 3 categories.
Tune in to our livestream today, November 24, at 7pm (CET) to follow the presentation of the first-ever recipients of the #EinsteinFoundationAward. 🥂💐To find out more about the program and to follow the livestream, please visit➡️
#EarlyCareerAward shortlist: @ugpavlov @uni_tue @Ural_Federal is nominated for his project EEGmanylabs. He wants to generate an #openaccess database that can be used for future studies in cognitive #neuroscience + to foster trust in #EEG research.
@ugpavlov @BrianNosek @psforscher @yuri_pavlov74 @m_zettersten @JessKosie @PeersDanielle @AubrechtKatie @KristinSnoddon Dear Yuri Pavlov, thanks for the notice - we are sorry we tagged the wrong person! We'll correct that and repost it in the thread.
Not to miss Nov 24⏰At 3pm, our Early Career nominees present their projects at the @BerlinUAlliance online Symposium on Integrity in Research… + at 7pm, we warmly invite you to livestream of the inaugural #EinsteinFoundationAward​s.
#EarlyCareerAward shortlist: @PeersDanielle, @AubrechtKatie, @KristinSnoddon & Lindsay Eales are nominated with the project Reimagining Disability Research Ethics, dedicated to co-creating studies with disabled communities and challenge policies to be more #disability-inclusive.
#EarlyCareerAward shortlist: @m_zettersten & @JessKosie are nominated with ManyBabies5 @Princeton. Their project is to create an international consortium of infant researchers to increase #diversity amongst developmental researchers + their test subjects.
#EarlyCareerAward shortlist: @psforscher @BusaraCenter - nominated for the project Leveraging Big Team Science to Expand Research in Africa. The aim: provide a #psychology database in several African languages + create 20 new labs to make research in this field reliable & fair.
Four teams of Early Career Researchers #ECR are shortlisted for our €100K #EinsteinFoundationAward. They'll present their projects at the online Symposium on Integrity for Research @BerlinUAlliance Nov 24, 3pm CET. ➡️… Meet the nominees in this thread... ✨
2 days to go until the online announcement of the first-ever #EinsteinFoundationAward​ees!🍾 Tune in Nov 24 at 7pm to find out about the winners & listen to keynotes by @melindagates, Co-Chair @gatesfoundation & @Magda_Skipper, Editor in Chief @Nature.✨ ➡️
We warmly invite you to livestream the announcement of the inaugural #EinsteinFoundationAward​s in the 3 categories, and look forward to the keynotes by @melindagates, Co-Chair @gatesfoundation & @Magda_Skipper, Editor in Chief @Nature. Nov 24, stay tuned!
You would like to write your #PhD as a member of the EC2/BIG-NSE PhD School? Candidates can now apply until Jan. 15, 2022 for a PhD position starting in Oct 2022. Find more info here: #phdlife #catalysis #chemtwitter #chemjobs
With the #EinsteinFoundationAward drawing closer, we asked jury member Dorothy Bishop @deevybee @UniofOxford @RR_Oxford what needs to be improved in today's accelerated research culture. The neuropsychologist's advice: careful work should be rewarded more.
Meet the Jury: @MichelCosnard, chair College of Ethics @Univ_Paris and HCST France-Israel, former member of the College of Ethics @sup_recherche & former chair @Inria & @Hceres_, explored parallel algorithm design + analysis as Prof. @Univ_CotedAzur, creating the LIP @ENSdeLyon.
Meet the Jury: Moshe Halbertal is Professor of Jewish Thought and Philosophy at @HebrewU and Gruss Professor of #Law at @NYLawSchool, and has previously served as visiting professor at @Harvard_Law, @pennlaw & @YaleLawSch. In 2010, he was named a member of the @IsraelAcademy.
"Belarus: how an unpopular government is struggling to manage the COVID crisis": Einstein-Professor @GwendolynSasse and her colleague Félix Krawatzek @ZOiS_Berlin explain their new survey on Lukashenko's (mis)management of the #COVID19-crisis in @ConversationUK (link below).…
Upcoming #symposium on the #DigitalMaghreb together w/ @giz_gmbh👇The team around professors @danilov_HU_ECDF (@HumboldtUni) & Timm Teubner (@TUBerlin) will present recent research on e-commerce & trust cues in the #Maghreb.Tomorrow, 15.00Registration:
Lunch Dialogue on "Improving the quality and availability of research informing health interventions and policies" - now live at #WHS2021 with #EinsteinFoundationAward jury member @wangsonne, @LGHemkens and @dirnagl II Promoting Quality in Research