Einstein Circle

Einstein Circles are collaborative forums that allow Berlin-based researchers to work towards a common goal such as a conference, a publication, a new grant application. The Circles convene in the form of meetings, workshops, or other events and comprise ten to twenty members, up to a third of them which can be from outside Berlin.

Information & Forms


Scientists from the Berlin universities and Charité in cooperation with at least one member of a non-university research institute

Funding period

Up to three years


Costs for meetings (max. of three per year) and travel and accommodation expenses for members of the Circle not based in Berlin, plus up to €15,000 for coordination or the recruitment of student assistants


Programme information

Application form

Budget plan

Budget plan attachment

Reporting form

Code for funding recipients

Guidelines on Equal Opportunity, Diversity, and Career Support

FAQs about the "Einstein Circle"

Yes, if this helps promote the group’s research focus in Berlin. However, such an application may not be used to extend funding for an existing project, and at least one non-university research institute needs to be involved in the Circle. 

Yes, if coordination of the Circle is secured for the remaining funding period and the main applicant’s contract ends less than a year prior to the end of the Circle’s funding period.

No. Only applicants must hold a doctoral degree. The remaining members can be at earlier stages of their career.