Rogier Versteeg

The research group of Einstein BIH Visiting Fellow Rogier Versteeg will be dedicated to cancer research. The Dutch Professor of Genetics is head of the Oncogenomics Clinic at the University of Amsterdam and winner of the European Research Council (ERC Advanced Grant). Together with Einstein Professor Angelika Eggert, director of the Charité Clinic for Pediatric Oncology and Hematology, he wants to make an important step in the field of neuroblastoma research. Neuroblastoma is a childhood cancer that is particularly malignant since some of the tumor cells may remain in an immature stage, unresponsive to the usual chemotherapy regimen and, after some time, unrecognized, causing severe relapses to lead. The research group headed by Rogier Versteeg and Angelika Eggert aims to develop a new combination therapy with which the neuroblastoma can be treated more comprehensively than before. They will as well use modern medical technologies such as high-throughput sequencing or the development of 3D organoids.