Moritz P. Schwarz

The economist Moritz Schwarz joins the research group led by Linus Mattauch, Junior Professor of Sustainable Use of Natural Resources at the Technische Universität. Schwarz previously worked on the Climate Econometrics project at the Institute for New Economic Thinking in Oxford. The team will use econometric methods to investigate how climate protection policy measures, including in the transport and healthcare sectors, impact public funding. The team will analyze specific climate policies, looking primarily at the extent to which issues such as mobility and climate protection are associated with social inequalities. To this end, empirical studies on European cities and the Berlin-Brandenburg region will be compared with analyses of economies in the Global South. The focus will be on issues such as the benefits and effects of a range of climate protection policies, the uneven distribution of global carbon emissions, and damage caused by localized air pollution, as well as the debate on inner-city driving bans.