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Roarke Horstmeyer

My project

„Light is playing an increasingly important role as a tool in experimental neuroscience. Fluorescent proteins are routinely used to illuminate neurons of interest. And with tools from the new research field of optogenetics, it is now also possible to activate or deactivate individual neurons, simply by focusing light onto them. However, as anyone who has held a flashlight up to their hand might know, light scatters significantly as it passes through tissue. Thus, many of the current optical tools used in experimental neuroscience operate only on the top layers of the brain, since it is challenging to focus light beneath its surface. My research project aims to precisely control light deeper within the brain. We use new optical designs and processing algorithms to undo the effects of optical scattering, in an attempt to resolve living neurons in brain areas that have so far been hidden from our view.“

Video: Mirko Lomoth
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