Valentina Forini

Valentina Forini is a theoretical physicist who conducts research in the field of mathematical physics with a focus on string and quantum field theory. She specializes in the Anti-de-Sitter/Conformal Field Theory correspondence, hence the study of space-time-matter. Her contributions to string and gauge field theory are internationally recognised.

From 2012 to 2017 Valentina Forini was group leader of an Emmy Noether Research Group at the Institute of Physics of Humboldt-University Berlin. Since then, Forini has been engaged in several research projects at the Integrative Research Institute for the Sciences (IRIS Adlershof) of said university. Moreover, Forini is a lecturer in Mathematics at City University London.


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Playing the music of Bach, Brahms or Beethoven helps me to see the beauty of creation through the imaginativeness and logical structure of music

Valentina Forini in E+B "Eternal Concert"