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At Charité - Universitätsmedizin Berlin, T cells that have been modified with T cell receptors are used for the first time in the treatment of patients with multiple myeloma, one of the most common tumors of bone and bone marrow. In this project associated with a clinical study, the effect of T cell therapy on the destruction of tumor cells in the bone marrow of mice is investigated in order to understand and overcome the causes of recurrence of tumors. Innovative imaging techniques such as long-term analyzes at the single cell level and 3-photon microscopy in the bone marrow are employed. With the research project of Anja Hauser-Hankeln (Professor of Immunology, Charité), Matthias Leisegang (Professor of T-Cell Therapy, Charité) and Raluca Niesner (Professor of Biophysics in the Department of Veterinary Medicine, FU Berlin), the T-cell-induced deterioration in the bone marrow can be examined in real time in order to pave the way for further development of even more effective T-cell therapies in the future.

Funding period: 09/2020 - 09/2023

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