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Press releases

01.12.2022_11/22 Einstein Foundation to present 500,000 Euro Award for Enhancing Research Quality 2022
27.10.2022_10/22 Einstein-Professur für Chemiker Stefan Hecht stärkt Berliner Materialwissenschaften
12.10.2022_09/22 Panel discussion on the reform of research evaluation
26.07.2022_08/22 Approx. five million euros for new Einstein Fellowships and the expansion of exceptional doctoral programs
19.07.2022_07/22 Another five years of digitalisation research at the Einstein Center Digital Future
14.07.2022_06/22 Leading Sociology Professor Kathrin Zippel joins Freie Universität Berlin
08.06.2022_05/22 Ludovic Vallier grows liver tissue from stem cells
06.05.2022_04/22 New Berlin research projects on autism, liver diseases, neuronal learning processes, and quantum technology approved
25.04.2022_03/22 Auf der Suche nach Leben im All – Veranstaltungsreihe Einstein in the dome
24.02.2022_02/22 Einstein Foundation Berlin strongly condemns the attack on Ukraine
18.02.2022_01/22 PLOS ist neuer Partner des Einstein Foundation Award
21.12.2021_14/21 Einstein Foundation funds research in neuroscience, philosophy, and infrastructure policy, as well as Einstein Centers
24.11.2021_13/21 Einstein Foundation to present the inaugural €500,000 Award for Promoting Quality in Research
22.11.2021_12/21 Important Step Forward to Climate Research
23.09.2021_11/21 Einstein Professorship for Highly Regarded Professor of Chemistry Sebastian Hasenstab-Riedel at Freie Universität Berlin
23.08.2021_10/21 Einstein Foundation Berlin announces new Executive Board chair
06.07.2021_09/21 Demand remains high for the Einstein Foundation’s academic freedom scheme, with 56 researchers funded since 2018
02.07.2021_08/21 Launch of the Einstein Research Unit on Climate and Water under Change
18.06.2021_07/21 Aktionstag Einstein macht Schule
15.06.2021_06/21 Einstein Center for Alternative Methods in Biomedical Research commences work
07.05.2021_05/21 Neurobiologist Susanne Schreiber, Vice-Chair of the German Ethics Council, appointed as Einstein Professor
06.05.2021_04/21 Launch of the first Einstein Research Unit on the topic of quantum computing
14.04.2021_03/21 Einstein Foundation Berlin crowned German Research Foundation of the Year 2021
17.03.2021_02/21 Einstein Foundation Announces New Appointments for the Einstein Strategic Professorship Program
18.02.2021_01/21 New funding awarded to promote research in the fields of demographic science, quantum physics, and neuroscience