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Press releases

03.08.2023_08/23 Einstein Foundation Berlin approves new research funding worth over 8 million Euro
19.06.2023_07/23 Choreographer and performer Claire Cunningham to become Einstein Professor for „Choreography, Dance and Disability Arts“
01.03.2023_04/23 A new Managing Director for Einstein Foundation Berlin
01.02.2023_03/23 Anglo-German research gets huge boost: two million euro for a new strategic fellowship programme
26.01.2023_02/23 The Einstein Foundation Berlin is inviting researchers and organizations to submit their application, or to nominate colleagues or institutions, for the 2023 Einstein Foundation Award for Promoting Quality in Research.
03.01.2023_01/23 Advancing health and health equity across the globe: Prof. Beate Kampmann takes over Charité’s Institute of International Health as a newly appointed Einstein Professor
13.12.2022_12/22 Förderung der Wissenschaftsfreiheit: Erstmals Forschende aus der Ukraine und Russland unter den Geförderten
01.12.2022_11/22 Einstein Foundation to present 500,000 Euro Award for Enhancing Research Quality 2022
12.10.2022_09/22 Panel discussion on the reform of research evaluation
26.07.2022_08/22 Approx. five million euros for new Einstein Fellowships and the expansion of exceptional doctoral programs
14.07.2022_06/22 Leading Sociology Professor Kathrin Zippel joins Freie Universität Berlin
08.06.2022_05/22 Ludovic Vallier grows liver tissue from stem cells
06.05.2022_04/22 New Berlin research projects on autism, liver diseases, neuronal learning processes, and quantum technology approved
24.02.2022_02/22 Einstein Foundation Berlin strongly condemns the attack on Ukraine
21.12.2021_14/21 Einstein Foundation funds research in neuroscience, philosophy, and infrastructure policy, as well as Einstein Centers
24.11.2021_13/21 Einstein Foundation to present the inaugural €500,000 Award for Promoting Quality in Research
22.11.2021_12/21 Important Step Forward to Climate Research
23.09.2021_11/21 Einstein Professorship for Highly Regarded Professor of Chemistry Sebastian Hasenstab-Riedel at Freie Universität Berlin
23.08.2021_10/21 Einstein Foundation Berlin announces new Executive Board chair
06.07.2021_09/21 Demand remains high for the Einstein Foundation’s academic freedom scheme, with 56 researchers funded since 2018
02.07.2021_08/21 Launch of the Einstein Research Unit on Climate and Water under Change
15.06.2021_06/21 Einstein Center for Alternative Methods in Biomedical Research commences work
07.05.2021_05/21 Neurobiologist Susanne Schreiber, Vice-Chair of the German Ethics Council, appointed as Einstein Professor
06.05.2021_04/21 Launch of the first Einstein Research Unit on the topic of quantum computing
14.04.2021_03/21 Einstein Foundation Berlin crowned German Research Foundation of the Year 2021
17.03.2021_02/21 Einstein Foundation Announces New Appointments for the Einstein Strategic Professorship Program
18.02.2021_01/21 New funding awarded to promote research in the fields of demographic science, quantum physics, and neuroscience