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Felipe Cucker

Felipe Cucker is Professor of Mathematical Sciences at the City University of Hong Kong. Being engaged at the Berlin Mathematical School Felipe Cucker is conducting his research at the Technische Universität Berlin. Cucker, who is an expert in numerical mathematics, analyses algorithms regarding their efficiency. One of his works initiated the first consistent mathematical modelling procedure and analysis of collective animal behavioural patterns. At the Berlin Mathematical School, Felipe Cucker wants to build bridges between structural complexity theory and numerical analysis.


Please close your eyes for a moment and think about your research project. What do you see at first?

I see a work already finished, with a result that greatly enhances our knowledge regarding 
a very specific, but utterly important, problem. 

What would your research project look like if it was a piece of art?

It would look like an innovative piece of conceptual art. 

Please give your research project a suitable fantasy name! 

"Elusive Clouds"

To your opinion, what are the three most meaningful inventions of mankind?

Writing systems, the wheel, and the metal foundry.

With whom would you like to exchange your workplace for one day, and what would you do then?

Problem is, I am not qualified to do the job of most of the people I would like to exchange 
my workplace with for one day. If I did the exchange, I would then panic. 


Is there any object of obsession, which accompanies you in your daily life? 

Not any particular object but the wish of founding beauty in all those surrounding me. 

Any rather unusual hobbies you might want to share?

An interest in creating an art piece I can feel satisfied with.

Is there a place in Berlin that links to the work on your research project?

Berlin has amazing bars and coffee places. Not that these places link to the subject 
of my research project but they definitely link with the project itself. I have spent 
very a fruitful time discussing maths with my colleagues in some of them ...


July 2018