#AskDifferent – the Podcast of the Einstein Foundation
#AskDifferent, the Einstein Foundation’s podcast series, offers a unique behind-the-scenes opportunity to learn more about the pioneering minds affiliated with and funded by the Foundation, and to find out how their outstanding careers were shaped both by chance and circumstance. What is it that drives them to ask differently, to perpetually ask new questions, and explore the world in all its detail?

#25: Paul Ginsparg

The godfather of open access publishing

Preprints have been shared in the physics community since the early 1950s but mostly among well established professors. Physicist Paul Ginsparg, who received the first Einstein Foundation's Individual Award for Promoting Quality in Research in 2021, set out to democratize access to scientific results. Today, his preprint server arXiv has spread to many other fields - and made science progress more efficient and fairer. In this episode, he reflects on his motivation to create arXiv.org back in 1991, the ways it has changed and still changes scientific processes today and the fact that the availability of scientific information may attract young people to become scientists.

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