Einstein Questionnaire

Peter Schröder


Please close your eyes for a moment and think about your research project. What do you see at first?

Coronal plasma filaments dancing wildly above the surface of the sun.


What would your research project look like if it was a piece of art?



Please give your research project a suitable fantasy name!

Studying God's work.


To your opinion, what are the three most meaningful inventions of mankind? 

Fire, language, mathematics.


With whom would you like to exchange your workplace for one day, and what would you do then?

God. To play with some of the basic axioms of this reality to see what happens.


Is there any object of obsession, which accompanies you in your daily life? 

None that I realize.


Any rather unusual hobbies you might want to share?

Building loudspeakers.


Is there a place in Berlin that links to the work on your research project?

Not specifically other than my colleagues with whom I am collaborating.