Gunter Schubert

Gunter Schubert is Professor of China Studies at the University of Tübingen. As an Einstein Visiting Fellow at the Graduate School of East Asian Studies (GEAS) Gunter Schubert conducts research on Chinese migration politics. Thereby, Schubert and his team address the question what kind of connection is made by China between global migration and anti-terrorism. Furthermore, they want to know to what extent international law standards are carried out in order to develop political strategies concerning those problems. Closely connected with those questions is the development of a Chinese immigration regime and the concept of China's national identity, which asks who belongs to China and who does not. Schubert's project group also investigates parallel developments in East Asia with a focus on Japan, Taiwan, Hongkong and South Korea. This way, Schubert's research project is aimed at an overall view of migration management and the fight against terrorism in East Asia. Gunter Schubert's studies at GEAS add to the expertise of Einstein Visiting Fellow Richard Samuels in the area of security relations in East Asia. Schubert is the first Einstein Visiting Fellow of the "plus" programme.