Michel Chaouli

In his project, the „philological laboratory“, Michel Chaouli conducts fundamental research looking closely at the role of criticism in literary and cultural studies. His aim is to test alternative approaches and strategies beyond criticism, in order to create new ways of describing the experience of art. In Berlin, Chaouli works at the Friedrich Schlegel Graduate School of Literary Studies.

Michel Chaouli is one of the most highly recognised representatives of American German Studies, who has gained an excellent reputation especially for his interdisciplinary work on theoretical and methodological conditions of literary studies and the humanities. His junior professorship in German and Comparative Literature at Harvard University was followed by a professorship at Indiana University Bloomington, whose faculty of Germanic Studies was declared to be one of North America’s three outstanding institutes in this subject area by the National Research Council. In 2007 Chaouli returned to Harvard University as a visiting professor. 

It’s worth being open-minded towards things that we don’t initially understand

Michel Chaouli in E+B "The Inexplicable Remainder"