Press release


Einstein Foundation Berlin strongly condemns the attack on Ukraine

The Einstein Foundation Berlin has been following Russia’s appalling attack on Ukraine over recent hours with horror. Until very recently, a war in Europe had been unimaginable, but now we are facing a conflict that will cost many lives, cause immeasurable suffering, and blatantly contravene international law in every respect.

As an institution that is committed to supporting and nurturing the development of the arts and sciences, as an institution that recognizes international cooperation as the foundation of all progress, and which bears the name of a man who does not just represent science and the pursuit of knowledge but who tirelessly promoted peace during his lifetime, we vehemently object to any aggression against the sovereign state of Ukraine and its people. We call for an immediate end to all military action by Russia.

The Einstein Foundation Berlin also assures its solidarity with its Ukrainian partners in science, art, and the civilian population, and with all civilians in both Ukraine and Russia opposing this war and the mass disinformation campaigns that preceded it, and who are committed to peace and cooperation.