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Einstein Strategic Professorship

The programme information on the Einstein Strategic Professorship is currently being revised. An updated version will be uploaded soon.

For more information please have a look at the press release of 16th July, 2019 (in German only).


Einstein Strategic Professorships are recruitments of top researchers from abroad, who are of outstanding strategic importance for Berlin's research landscape: the Berlin universities can employ Einstein Strategic Professorships to foster research strategies, develop their research profiles, explore and advance new research areas as well as strengthen their research foci and become more attractive to top talents. Einstein Strategic Professorships are an important addition to the basic funding of the universities and provide a decisive contribution to sustainably enhance Berlin's competitiveness among internationally leading research locations. The generous donation by the Damp Stiftung allows the Einstein Foundation to grant 15 Mio. € for Einstein Strategic Professorships within five years. The state of Berlin will continue financing the Einstein Strategic Professorships permanently after the five-year initial phase which is substantially co-financed by the Damp Stiftung.


The following institutions are eligible to apply: Freie Universität Berlin, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, Technische Universität Berlin, Universität der Künste Berlin and Charité - Universitätsmedizin Berlin.


The Einstein Foundation grants funds for positions and additional equipment. The institutions eligible to apply for Einstein Strategic Professorships name specific international candidates in their applications. In case of a positive funding decision the receiving applicant institution is responsible for the appointment procedure (for example, by way of waiving a formal announcement and issuing a direct call). The applicant institution leads the appointment negotiations and creates the prerequisites for the call. The appointment of the professorship should take place within nine months after the positive funding decision (letter of approval). [1]

In the case of non-appointment of a granted Einstein Strategic Professorship, the Executive Board can fund the next application on the ranking list agreed upon by the Research Board and the Executive Board.The number of funded professorships depends on the total volume requested and the number of permanent professorships provided by the state of Berlin and granted to the universities.


The initial funding phase lasts five years. The Einstein Strategic Professorships are secured in the long run by the commitment of the state of Berlin to subsequently continue the funding and can thus be announced and appointed for life. For the time of their work in Berlin the funded candidates will hold the title “Einstein Professor“.


The eligible universities can apply for Einstein Strategic Professorships on the dates announced on the website of the Einstein Foundation. Aside from outlining the reasons for the proposed candidate the applications  shall  make  clear  in  what  way  the  proposed Einstein Strategic Professorship will enhance and emphasize  research-related or artistic innovation within the university or the local research landscape. Furthermore the application must out-line the importance of the Einstein Strategic Professorship for the mid-term strategic development of the institution and for future appointments or research foci. Please note that the application must be written in English.


The approved funds may only be drawn through the university or Charité in accordance with the regulations on third-party funding.

[1] If necessary, a temporary leave of absence during the transistion phase can be granted.