The Einstein Foundation Berlin does NOT provide funding for …

Basic equipment

The Einstein Foundation does not fund the purchase of basic equipment (including computers, laptops, phones, storage devices, small office furniture, computer screens, standard software, general office and laboratory equipment, etc.) if the individual items are not proven to be essential for the success of the project (for instance specific hard- or software, equipment for specific laboratory use, etc.).

Large devices valued at more than €500,000 (Einstein Professorships and Einstein Strategic Professorships)

The Einstein Foundation does not fund large devices exceeding €500,000 in value.

General expenses (overhead)

Overhead expenses cannot be reimbursed. Eligible institutions must provide proof that they will make available or have already earmarked funding for the project for which an application is being submitted.

Indirect costs

Funding may not be used to cover additional costs, such as premiums needed to insure scholarship holders.

Childcare expenses 

A fixed rate per child to cover childcare cannot be reimbursed. This does not apply to childcare required during events (where several children may be cared for simultaneously), which are covered if other childcare services, offered for instance by the university, are not provided.

Moving expenses

The Einstein Foundation cannot reimburse moving expenses. 

Career counseling 

While the Einstein Foundation does not fund general career counseling services for individual researchers, it does support project-specific training and professional development (such as German language courses for scholars participating in the Academic Freedom program). In line with the policy of the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft, up to €2,000 in funding can be requested for German language courses for employees from abroad, provided they are involved in the respective project for a minimum of 12 months. Non-university courses can only be funded if comparable courses are not offered by the host university. 

Translation of publications and indirect publishing costs

Publication costs (copyediting, distribution, etc.) can be covered in line with the rules of the DFG. You can apply for funds to cover publication costs of up to €2,000 per year per Principal Investigator. These funds can be used either for traditional or open-access publications. Funds can be carried over to later budget years, but may not be reallocated to cover other costs. 

Funding for staff and equipment outside of Berlin

The Einstein Foundation does not provide funding for project-related staff and equipment based outside of Berlin, with the exception of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Travel and accommodation expenses can be reimbursed.