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Einstein Circle


The programme offers researchers in Berlin the opportunity to participate in Berlin-wide, theme-based collaborations across institutions which they organise themselves. An Einstein Circle is composed of a certain group of people affiliated with at least one of the four Berlin universities or Charité, as well as with at least one Berlin non-university research institution.


Each Einstein Circle must have at least 10 and no more than 20 members and will spend a maximum of three years focussing on a specific topic. The collaboration should aim to produce concrete results at the end of this period (e.g. a joint publication or the planning and implementation of a scientific project that would not otherwise have been possible).


An Einstein Circle may invite selected researchers from outside of Berlin to join (up to one third of the membership) in order to integrate excellent young researchers from other parts of Germany and abroad into the scientific community in Berlin.


Researchers occupied at one of the eligible institutions may apply for funding. The application must be endorsed by a representative of the Research Department (see below).


Funding may be used to finance regular meetings of the members of the circle lasting several days (up to three per year). This includes travel and accommodation costs (in accordance with the relevant Berlin tax law on travel expenses) for the members of the circle not resident in Berlin and up to three expert guests.

Additional funding of up to a total of €10,000 may also be granted for coordination assistance (e.g. support staff) on substantiated request.

The Einstein Foundation must be represented in the title of the funded research project.


The maximum funding period is three years.


The applicants must be researchers at one of the eligible Berlin universities or Charité.


Applicants are required to use the application forms provided by the Einstein Foundation. Applications may be submitted in any discipline by the dates posted on the Foundation’s website and must be endorsed by a representative of the relevant Research Department. If individual host institutions have internal deadlines for applications to the Einstein Foundation, applicants should liaise with the contact person at their institution (a list is included below) well in advance.


The application must be submitted in English.


The approved funds may only be drawn through the university or Charité in accordance with the regulations on third-party funding. If applicable, these institutions will also become the respective employer of the individuals who receive support from the Einstein Foundation Berlin.